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Hair Dressing Grink Relations Masuda

Thank you for visiting the GRIN website from many beauty salons in Masuda City.

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​We select items that are gentle on hair and skin. It is a shop that is gentle on the body and cute.



A little luxury for daily rewards

"GRIN" means "smiling".

I want all customers to smile

I put it on with all my feelings.

Face each and every customer

Experienced stylist

Counseling carefully one by one,

I will be in charge from the beginning to the end.

Always take in new information,
From the selected high-quality drugs

Choose the one that matches your hair quality and damage level

Of course, I would like to make a suggestion.

From several types of shampoo carefully selected

We will propose the first one to our customers.

That we are allowed to take enough time to one of the customers

So I hope you can spend your time slowly.

So that customers can leave the store with a smile

Feel the feelings of our customers and always in a cozy salon

I want to be there.